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Japanese Side Streets

Ask Me Anything.

1-hour workshops to fit your organization's needs!

Increase the expertise & confidence of your global employees to better interact and collaborate with colleagues, co-workers, clients, and customers globally.

With the AMA Format:

  • Get answers to your work-related questions in real time.

  • Sessions structured around targeted topics

  • Learn powerful tips and techniques for the remote work tools you use daily.

  • Improve skills, work performance, and build confidence.

  • Dynamic and interactive virtual sessions for engaged learning.

AMA Topic Examples.

Asian Town

Business Communications: Everything is About Communication!

Improving Tech Fluency in Your Organization:

Tekka Bytes

Key Success Factors in Managing Cross Cultural Teams

AMA Workshops topics/subjects are varied and customizable.

Workshops can be created specifically to address your organization's unique needs.


Web Developers Team

Cross Functional  Cross Cultural Team Success

Improved communication and tech skills lead to improved performance, processes, & productivity.

Company Competitiveness

Effective communication and digital savviness save time and money and increase competitiveness.

Global Growth

A culture of continuous learning & professional development leads to more employee engagement, less turnover, and fosters company profitability and growth.

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