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Strategies to help you communicate effectively with international business partners, colleagues, on teams, or when delivering presentations.

Grow professionally and succeed.



We use a systematic methodology to design and deliver solutions that target clients' areas of need.

Business English (Global English)

  • Effective communication is a must in today’s global business environment.

  • Speaking is not the same as communicating. What you say and how you say it makes a difference. 


  • Programs are designed to address specific business English needs and concerns, and will provide concrete benefits to you and your organization.

Female Presenter

Presentations That Pack a Punch

  • Presentation skills are a must in today’s global business environment whether presenting internally to team members, in a meeting, or to clients.

  • A presentation is more than a slide deck! Our program helps Japanese business professionals develop strong presentation content and coach them in delivery techniques designed to inform and engage their audience of one or 100.

Business Meeting

Effective Meeting Strategies

  • Turning awful (virtual) meetings into awesome meetings takes more than an agenda!

  • Learn how to plan and run meetings to get things done.

The right solutions designed to help you achieve your communication goals.

Cross Cultural Communications.

We use our cross-cultural background as the foundation in delivering all our services for clients.

Our cross-cultural communications training will help you better connect, communicate, and collaborate with your Japanese colleagues, clients, customers, and suppliers and help you build the foundation for successful working relationships.

Cross Cutural
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