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Executive Coaching.

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past few years – remote and hybrid work, fast evolving technologies in the workplace and global interdependence to name a few – and keeping up with these changes can be challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be.

A coaching culture has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve both employee and team performance, increase employee engagement, enhance collaboration and navigate change.

Japanese Garden

"Yvonne is a professional coach with a truly global mind. From the time I asked her advice on my challenge to get my Executive MBA abroad, she worked with me through the application process until I passed the entrance exam. While many people would say that my challenge was reckless, she was totally different.

She helped me develop my confidence for my MBA journey, helping me to find out exactly what my strengths and appeal points were and how to express them."

- Manager of Global Communications of a large Japanese chemical company

Coaching Is.

Support & Guidance

Get the results you want in your work, and work relationships

Skill Development

Build the skills needed to set and achieve YOUR goals


Increase confidence through exploration, clarity, and action

Benefits To You.

Many roads crossing one another


Explore your possibilities, get focused, and achieve your goals.


Build your skills and confidence to become expressive and engaging.


Transition your career growth for global business success.

Your Coach.

Yvonne Burton has years of experience helping Japanese business professionals navigate global business challenges and thrive in their work.


Due to her business analysis background, Yvonne specializes in analyzing the issues and challenges her clients face, and guides them towards clarity and determining appropriate actions needed to resolve the issues and challenges they are facing working on global teams with diverse colleagues, clients, and new technologies.

She will be coach & accountability partner. She will help you gain the insight, knowledge, and confidence needed to face your challenges, make appropriate decisions, and create the results you desire in your work responsibilities, work relationships and career.

*Research indicates a 500% increased likelihood of establishing positive new habits when supported by an accountability partner.

It's time to Thrive!


Your Coach.

Yvonne Burton

Coaching Packages.

At the Office

Coaching Sessions

1 hour coaching sessions offered in 6-session packages.

Desk with Laptop

Bi-Monthly Package

1 hour coaching sessions offered twice per month.

Support Call

Weekly Package

1 hour coaching sessions offered 4 times per month.

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