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Japan-U.S. Business News

The original Japan-US Business News blog will be linked here and used as an archive only. I find that a lot of what I was writing about between 2008-2010 in terms of Japan and its technology infrastructure still applies today. Going forward, I am incorporating the blog here as a page on my company website.

To restart the blog after a very long hiatus, I teamed up with my associate, Susan McCormac of Japan Culture-NYC, one of the leading English-language resources for Japanese culture in New York City to write a series providing tips and guidelines on working from home (WFH) to assist her subscribers/social media followers as many are having to quickly shift to WFH as necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Please follow the series as it provides strategies to help us all as we get used to this new normal.

The articles are in English. I am in the process of getting the series translated into Japanese.

Here is a list of the articles on Working from Home. Please visit JapanCulture-NYC to access them.

1. Tips and Tricks

2. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

3. Your Questions Answered

4. Leading a Meeting

5. Attending a Meeting

6. Ineffective Meetings

7. Quick Tips for Meeting Effectiveness

8. Maintaining a Healthy Balance

9. Establish a Routine

10. Sharing My Routine

11. A Different Type of Culture

12. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis

13. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis (Technology)

14. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis (Communication)

15. Small Business Success Story

16. Why Mindset Matters

We received very good response to the series and I will continue to write for Susan as well as here on my blog. Thanks and it is very good to be back writing again.


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