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From Tech Fearful to Tech Fluency.


Tech Fluency is proficiency (and ease) using technological tools & applications and the ability to learn (new) software tools quickly and efficiently .

Lack of Tech Fluency triage symptoms in companies:

  1. Difficulty using and integrating applications, virtual tools in daily business.

  2. Lack of communication, connection and collaboration when working virtually.

  3. Decreased productivity.

  4. Ill prepared for the increasingly digital world.

  5. Reduced competitiveness due to all the above.

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Technology Consulting.

Workshops, Facilitation and Speaking

Remote Tools Training and Best Practices

Tech Fluency


Focused Office Workers

The COst

Lack of tech fluency cost companies on average $22K per employee yearly!


People using technology effectively drives business success.

Virtual/Remote Tools Training
and Best Practices

  • We train in functionality and how to maximize the top applications (Zoom, MS TEAMS, Slack, and others) for better Communication, Connection, and Collaboration.

  • Learn how to use these tools to improve personal performance, processes, and business productivity.

Interactive and engaging virtual sessions.


Best practices and the right practices for the top remote tools/applications for your work, processes and  business.

Workshops, Facilitation and Speaking

  • Workshop topics focused on using tools effectively to maximize individual & team performance to increase work productivity and drive business success.

  • Interactive and engaging virtual sessions  to target your business needs. 

Topics Include:

5 Steps to Improving Tech Fluency in Your Organization


Key Success Factors for Leading Virtual & Hybrid Teams


Lean Tech Sigma


Tech Fluency: Essential Element for (Global) Business Success 


Tips for Working with Japanese: Virtual Edition


Top Tips for Japanese Professionals Working Virtually  

Tech Fluency Bootcamp

MASTER the top virtual/remote tools and improve personal performance, workflow and processes, and  overall business productivity.

Reduce redundancies.


Increase productivity.


Improve competitiveness.


Communicate, Connect, and Collaborate effectively.


Develop Professionally.

Let us take you from Tech Fearful to Tech Fluency.


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